Basic Info
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Multi-Genre/Genre-Bender
  • Hybrid Forms

Whether you are creating a work of fiction, nonfiction or something in between, this workshop will help you find ways to structure a piece without a traditional plot. David Foster Wallace once noted that the very best writers are “kleptomaniacs with really good taste.” In this generative workshop, we will engage our own artistic really good taste, looking at ways writers move narrative, build momentum, and create surprise on the page. We will look at how patterns can create shape and engage the reader. Looking at various master works, we will find structures and styles to imitate toward our own ends. By the end of the weekend, you will have generated a lot of new writing.


Suzanne Scanlon


Suzanne Scanlon is the author of the novel Promising Young Women (2013) as well as Her 37th Year, An Index, which was chosen by Allan Gurganus for The Iowa Review fiction prize. Her fiction has appeared in many journals, including Bomb Magazine, The Iowa Review, The American Scholar, and DIAGRAM, and she writes about theater for the Chicago Reader and Time Out Chicago. She is a professor of creative writing at Columbia College Chicago, and was recently a Visiting Writer in Roosevelt University’s M.F.A. program.