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Having trouble getting yourself to the writing desk? Or once there, finding yourself unfocused, thwarted, or unable to achieve consistent output? These are common occurrences for writers, and we often mistakenly think the difficulty lies in the product of our writing and not the process.

This weekend intensive will help draw your attention not only to what is on the page, but how it got there. And, more specifically, why sometimes it gets there with relative ease, and other times not. Through a host of highly interactive writing exercises, investigations, and discussions, this course offers a clear and in-depth assessment of one’s individual writing environment, practices, and regime, one’s relative hindrances and supports. Such an objective study and shared dialogue is all too often overlooked, yet invariably yields insight. Expect to acquire practical tools, approaches, and tricks of the trade to bring home and apply to your practice, productivity, and progress as a working wordsmith.

Marc Nieson


Marc Nieson is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and NYU Film School. His background includes children’s theatre, cattle chores, and a season with a one-ring circus. His memoir, Schoolhouse: Lessons on Love & Landscape was released from Ice Cube Press in 2016. He’s won a Raymond Carver Short Story Award, Pushcart Prize nominations, and been noted in Best American Essays. He teaches at Chatham University, edits fiction for The Fourth River, and is at work on a new novel, Houdini’s Heirs. Learn more about Marc at