University of Iowa

Advanced Poetry Workshop: Critique & Craft

Weeklong June 17 to June 22 2018

This workshop is a communal effort toward deep and considered critique of original poems set before us by workshop participants. Our goal together will be a studied effort toward the powerful, mesmerizing poem, no matter what style or form the poem before us takes. The beginning half of each session will focus on a sample of masterful poems from history that might act as guides and examples of poetic techniques, including lineation, lyricism, diction, form, and figuration. We will dedicate the other half of each session to workshop. Each participant will have three poems considered by the class. These poems will not be required to be sent in advance. Outside of class, each participant will conference individually with me over two separate poems, leaving the week with a renewed vigor toward five poems and my high hopes that the techniques and questions of the course will leave a lasting impression upon the artistry of your future work.