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Anthony Varallo

Anthony Varallo is the author of a novel, The Lines (University of Iowa Press), as well as four short story collections: This Day in History (University of Iowa Press), winner of the John Simmons Short Fiction Award and finalist for the Paterson Fiction Prize; Out Loud (University of Pittsburgh Press), winner of the Drue Heinz Literature Prize; Think of Me and I’ll Know (Northwestern University Press/TriQuarterly Books), finalist for the Balcones Fiction Prize; and Everyone Was There (Elixir Press), winner of the Elixir Press Fiction Award. He is a professor of English at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, where he serves as fiction editor of Crazyhorse


Instructor Events

Weeklong July 19 to July 24 2020
Anthony Varallo

When we first begin to write fiction, selecting point-of-view feels about as casual as choosing which pair of socks to wear: blue or darker blue? Maybe brown? As we develop our writing, though, point-of-view gradually begins to reveal itself for what it truly is: the most important element of fiction, period. Everything orbits around point-of-view: detail, imagery, conflict, characterization, dialogue and plot.