University of Iowa

The Blank Page

Weekend July 21 to July 22 2018

This workshop will examine ways to face the blank page, the blank screen, the place where psychology meets art. We will discuss the psychological aspects of starting a story, a novel, a poem or an essay. (I presume that painters, sculptors and composers all face some version of the blank page.) Many writers speak of what “triggered” their writing, what people, places or things attracted their attention—and why. Was it a waitress in Albuquerque, a tour guide in Thailand, a moment of heartbreak in Nebraska, a suitcase left in a parking lot, Aunt Carol and her box of secrets? We’ll write a series of exercises that will help fill in the blank page and offer the opportunity for discovery and resolve. Our goal will be to be better informed about ourselves as storytellers and to practice what we discover. This workshop is open to writers of all genres.

Short Story