University of Iowa

Do I Really Know My Narrator? Strengthening Point of View

Weekend June 15 to June 16 2019

Whether we’re working on stories or a novel, a memoir or creative nonfiction, it’s essential to understand point of view. Yet the topic can seem vast and inchoate—or so simplistic that it’s possible to wonder what the fuss is about. This course is designed to clarify this delightful aspect of all creative writing, and to give you tools to delve into this rewarding piece of craft. With the help of published examples, we’ll examine various options and strategies, and the reasons for selecting one particular POV over another. Short assignments, in and out of class, will strengthen your appreciation of how other writers employ point of view, deepen your understanding of your narrator(s) (even if that narrator is yourself), and how to get them effectively onto the page.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.

Short Story