University of Iowa

Encounters with Our Lives: Spiritual Writing

Weeklong June 09 to June 14 2019

As anyone who has engaged with writing in any serious way knows, writing itself is essentially a spiritual endeavor. In order to write well it’s necessary to tap into the flow of spiritual energy inside each of us, whether we call that energy creativity or inspiration or something else. In this class, we’ll generate new work in an energizing, strictly positive environment, using prompts and in-class writing to explore the places in our lives where the moments and details intersect with meaning. We’ll use my easy, foolproof method for tapping into the inner wellspring from which all good writing comes. And we’ll spend time working on editing the writing we get, using spiritual skills such as listening to intuition and briefly dropping down into the silence beyond thought, to create the best finished writing possible. Together we’ll create a small, close-knit community that fosters creativity, engenders fresh material and new ideas, and results in writing that glows from within. This class will be useful for anyone writing essays, a memoir, or a spiritual autobiography; for anyone struggling with editing or perfectionism; and for anyone who’s just getting started or trying to locate their true material. The class welcomes writers at all levels.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.