University of Iowa

Free-Writing Intensive: A Generative Workshop for All Genres

Weeklong July 15 to July 20 2018

Free-writing is an essential tool, the way most writers honor the impulse to sit down and write, and the act during which that impulse either catches fire or peters out. Yet this fundamental skill is seldom taught or engaged in with very much awareness or refinement. Put another way, there are as many ways to free-write as there are to dance, but most are stuck doing the frat boy two-step, and wind up filling space on the page the same way every time, no matter the subject.


This workshop will open the vault to the theory and practice of free-writing. We will train in a series of counter-intuitive (and delightful) practices designed to liberate us from habitual patterns and self-canceling beliefs, altering the “DNA” of how we write. A great bi-product is the volume of new material we’ll generate. A healthy free-writing practice is also an antidote to “writer’s block.”