University of Iowa

Imagery for Prose Writers

Weekend July 27 to July 28 2019

Imagery in prose is not merely ornamental, it is necessary. Images unite mind and body; they are active nerve cells branching out, sending reverberations, creating networks and structure across the body of a story or essay. In this workshop, we’ll look at how images operate on both primitive and sophisticated levels. We’ll take inspiration from several highly imagistic prose writers—examine the ways in which they use imagery to create interwoven metaphorical refrains, evoke the uncanny, or give a piece its own unconscious undercurrent. This workshop is a great fit for those wanting to develop the imagistic strength of a piece of existing writing, or for those wanting to launch into new image-based experiments.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts; provide feedback on writing you bring from home or produce in our weekend.  

Hybrid Forms
Short Story
Young Adult