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The print catalogue includes all the information that appears on our website, between covers. Some people find the catalogue easier to peruse. If you would like a copy, please contact us with your name and postal address. Print catalogues will be available in March.

View an online PDF of our 2020 Catalogue:  PDF iconCatalogue


Artist Statement:

There’s nothing like pouring your heart and soul into, well, anything, and then waiting to see what people think. No matter how many stories you write; no matter how many paintings you paint; no matter how many cakes you bake, the time waiting for that first reaction can seem like eons. Painful, painful eons. Because if they loved it, they’d be jumping up and down with joy by now, wouldn’t they? They’d be shouting and waving things in the air and you’d be so happy and know that all the hard work was totally worth it and . . . deep down, you’d know that their reaction didn’t really matter. You’d know that whatever you put out there was worth full value the second you finished it, and, no matter what happened next, it was loved and cherished and holy and special and divine the minute it was created. Don’t get me wrong: people liking your work is wonderful and goes a long way toward paying the bills. But at the end of the day, you know it has no bearing on the truth — that you created this wonderful thing, and now it’s out there in the universe. And that makes this universe a better thing.

~ Robyn Hepker ~