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Linda Bendorf

Linda M. Bendorf (M.A.T., J.D., The University of Iowa) is an award-winning instructor and writing coach who has inspired both novice and seasoned writers in the Iowa Summer Writing Festival for more than two decades. Linda’s recent essay, “Quest for the Rufous-Capped Warbler,” will appear in a forthcoming issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest. The essay reveals how intuition and hard work help us to find the magic…in birding and writing! Linda is director of Blue Sage Writing, which offers workshops, one-on-one coaching, manuscript editing, and private writing retreats in Boulder, Colorado. Linda’s essays, features, and poetry have also appeared in the Chicago Tribune Media Group’s Triblocal, The University of Iowa’s The Daily PaletteUSA Today, Gannett News Service Wire, Des Moines RegisterInstructorThe Iowan, and Gather Magazine. Linda and her husband, Carl, live on Colorado’s Front Range where they hike, bird, bike and marvel at the ever-changing sunsets over the Rockies.

Instructor Events

Weeklong June 23 to June 28 2019
Linda Bendorf

Come write the stories of your legacy. Some call it the story of your soul. Like memoir writing, legacy writing chronicles your most profound, defining moments and milestones (some joyful, others painful), those that inform and perhaps inspire future generations. Unearth your personal stories. Your narratives. What do you value? What did your ancestors value? Figuratively speaking, what garden did you plant? What did you stand up for? Whom did you touch? Who most inspired you? What mark—or footprint—do you hope to leave?