University of Iowa

Novel: The Next Draft

Weeklong June 17 to June 22 2018

So you’ve finished your novel! Or you’re very close. Congratulations are in order, but you also know the manuscript needs at least one rewrite before it’s ready to meet the world. How do you begin that process?


During our week together we’ll examine what you’ve accomplished so far, including issues of plot and character. Then, with the help of daily assignments, we’ll focus on specific aspects of craft, including point of view and its relation to sense of place, the importance of rising tension, issues of characterization, and that vital building block, scene. While in the course of the week you may want to refer to the current draft of your novel, what you’ll write (and workshop) each day is expected to be new, incorporating ideas and insights offered by the class. Come prepared to work hard. You’ll leave with confidence and enthusiasm to head into your next draft.