University of Iowa

The Overstuffed Closet: A Weekend of Mini-Memoirs

Weekend July 14 to July 15 2018

We all lead multiple lives, so no wonder it’s difficult to write a single memoir. And when our own lives are the subject, we have far too many subsidiary characters and subplots and know way too many details about all of them. This makes wrestling our memories into coherent literary form a bit like trying to organize an overstuffed closet, except in literature we don’t have plastic tubs or garage sales.


In this class, would-be memoirists don’t have to organize the whole closet or try to make everything fit a single narrative. In and out of class, you will respond to assignments designed to help you create strings of significant moments. Instead of trying to write one memoir, writers will begin a series of mini-memoirs to capture their multiple lives. All writers are welcome.