University of Iowa

Playwrights Workshop

Weeklong July 08 to July 13 2018

Getting the words down on the page is only the first step for a playwright. At some point you need to hear it read. Reading it out loud to the dog doesn’t count; you need to listen while someone else says your words. If you have at least the start of a play and are ready to take the next step and really hear what you’ve written, this week is for you. Your readers will primarily be your classmates, but when possible, we’ll have some actors in to read as well. We’ll discuss the process of submitting plays for production and publication. And for one class meeting, we’ll visit with a professional director to discuss collaboration and to better understand how a director approaches a new work for the stage.


If you have a complete script, you’ll have the opportunity to distribute it to your colleagues for discussion in its entirety. Feedback will be given in a positive and supportive atmosphere. After our week together, you’ll leave with fresh ideas for revising your play and the inspiration to put it out into the world.