The University of Iowa

Revision Bootcamp for Novels and Memoirs

Weeklong July 19 to July 24 2020

You’ve typed “The End” on the first draft of a novel or memoir in all its messy glory, and now the daunting task of whipping hundreds of pages into fighting shape sits before you. Where to start? Which problem to tackle first, and how? This class is for writers with a working draft of a book-length project (fiction or nonfiction, this course is designed for both) at any stage. The goal of our week is to develop some revision organization and understanding of effective revision strategies through various methods and writing exercises. Each writer will also be invited to workshop an excerpt of their project and brainstorm any problem areas. You’ll leave the week with a revision approach designed to make the process less intimidating. This workshop welcomes writers of novels (adult and YA) and memoirs at all levels and genres.


In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments; critique writing you bring from home; provide feedback on writing you produce in our week.

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