University of Iowa

What Romance Novels Can Teach Us about Writing Captivating Fiction

Weeklong June 24 to June 29 2018

In today’s market, the romance genre is one of the strongest and most enduring forms of fiction, with 2013 sales of over one billion dollars. Readers return again and again to lose themselves in the immersive world of romance. What brings them back and why do they remain loyal to this genre?


In this workshop, fiction writers of all genres will explore different techniques employed by romance authors that create the extraordinary bond with their readership. We will cover such topics as writing engaging and believable conflict, creating enveloping narratives, developing essential elements for unforgettable characters, and what it takes to foster devoted readers. We will use in-class writing prompts as well as pieces you bring from home to share as we explore how writers of all genres can glean valuable information from the world of romance.


Please note: You do not need to have prior exposure to romance novels to attend this workshop. It is open to everyone.

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