The University of Iowa

Write Funny to Me

Weekend June 20 to June 21 2020

This weekend workshop is designed for prose writers of all levels, scribblers of fiction or creative nonfiction who would like to learn how to be funny, or in many cases, funnier, on the page. Whether a writer’s intentions are ultimately serious or lighthearted, being able to make readers laugh is a sure way to attract and to hold their attention. If you can amuse readers, they’ll follow you straight to the cash register. Just ask Sedaris.


This class will involve workshopping of a short piece written before class, but it will also be generative, beginning with short readings and exercises. We’ll work on dialogue and distinguish between character and slapstick-based humor. Students will likely end the weekend having learned a trick or two and maybe a joke. More importantly, we’ll emerge with a whetted sense of how to be funny on the page, and we’ll have fun doing it.


In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments; critique writing you bring from home; provide feedback on writing you produce in our weekend.