University of Iowa

Writing as Resistance

Weeklong July 21 to July 26 2019

What does it mean to write in a way that resists? Much of my favorite writing to read can be considered “resistant narratives”—writing that responds to and rewrites the narratives we have received from a culture that often wishes to reduce and limit our very souls. To become an artist is to write oneself back into being. A book can be a place where the individual remakes the world. In this workshop, we will read and write. We will consider writing as political resistance, a tool to counter the limitations of cultural, societal and familial expectation. Contemporary writers have long created literary spaces of possibility and resistance, taking the status of outsider and expanding the project of literature.  


This workshop focuses on generating new work while learning craft. In the course of the week, you will develop your storytelling techniques and writing skills through a series of guided assignments. It’s a place to try out a variety of forms. No experience needed, and poets, fiction writers, academics, journalists, and novices are all welcome.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.

All Genres
Hybrid Forms
Short Story