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COVID-19 Update:

Writing friends! We’re thinking about you from our writing desks and kitchen tables, where, suddenly, we have a great deal of (virtual) company.

Due to the impact and reach of COVID-19, we have cancelled the 34th Iowa Summer Writing Festival. We’re exploring other ways to engage with our community as readers and writers to hold us over until we’re able to gather again. If you use Facebook, please check in with us there in the days and weeks ahead. We plan to post writing prompts contributed by Festival friends and instructors. We’ll post new initiatives there (and here!) as well. Please keep in touch, and drop us a line at if you feel lonesome.

The cover of the 2020 Festival catalogue asks this: “Will the words make it across the water? Will anyone on the other side even care if they do?” The answer, friends, is yes. Yes and yes.

We’ll find the words and the words will find us. We care.

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