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Hello Writer! Welcome to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival!

You're home.

Looking for a writing workshop? Registration for online workshops beginning in November is now open! For complete details, and to enroll, visit the ISWF Online Workshops Storefront.

In the days ahead, we'll be adding workshops beginning in November to the storefront. Stay tuned!



In Fall 2020 the Festival began offering workshops online. Since then we've brought upwards of 1,000 writers to the virtual table in nearly 100 workshops across the genres. These are real-time (synchronous) courses via Zoom, supported by the Canvas Catalog learning management system.

We're writing our heads off, our hearts out. And we're having a ball doing it.

We're inspired by the opportunity the online platform gives us to offer workshops across the seasons, in a host of new formats, to longtime friends and newcomers all over the world. 



After Thanksgiving, we'll take a short break from online workshops while we plan for the 2023 Iowa Summer Writing Festival on campus!

Look out, Iowa City, we’re coming back and this time we mean business.



If you'd like to receive updates and announcements about Festival workshops and goings-on, please email us at and ask to be added to our mailing list.

Get your coffee and pull up a chair. Summer is all year!