University of Iowa

All Those Pages: Talk about Your Novel

Weekend June 15 to June 16 2019

If you have written, are writing, or want to write a novel, you are thinking of All Those Pages. But the secret to a novel that flies is knowing exactly what it's about, and being able to convey that succinctly. I call that “Aboutness.” An agent or editor needs it in a query. A reader will sense it and talk about it to others. Most of all, you need it as a North Star to guide your writing. And you will write it this weekend! You will learn to use a 9-slot plot template; a logline; and a summary map. You will describe your protagonist's journey and define what is most meaningful about it.


Sometimes you can't see your way in or out of a manuscript draft; feedback and support (enthusiasm!) will help you keep going, finish, and unleash your work. Come with what you have so far. This will be a high-spirited, fast-paced, comradely weekend.


In this workshop we will provide feedback on writing you bring from home or produce in our week/weekend.