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Carol Severino

A professor in the Rhetoric Department, Carol Severino teaches writing and directs the Writing Center at The University of Iowa. Before working at Iowa, she taught writing in Chicago at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Chicago City Colleges, Universidad Popular, and Centro Borinqueño. She also taught ethnic literature, writing, and the teaching of writing at the Catholic University of Ecuador on a Fulbright in 2008. Every fall at Iowa she teaches an honors course in reading and writing about slow travel as well as courses that educate graduate and undergraduate writing tutors. She especially enjoys writing stories about her family, travel, and language learning experiences. Her creative non-fiction has appeared in places such as Best Travel Essays 2012, Voices in Italian Americana, Away, Hinchas de Poesia, Aji, and Ragazine. She has a master’s in applied linguistics with a specialization in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a doctorate in English with a specialization in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Instructor Events

Weekend July 25 to July 26 2020
Carol Severino

How did you learn how to grow a garden, play the piano, knit a sweater, bat a ball, program a computer, solve an equation, diagram a sentence, or converse in Italian? Who taught, guided, mentored, or coached you? How would you describe your mentors’ personalities and teaching styles? To what extent did they encourage you? To what extent would some of them qualify as “difficult people”? What else did you learn from them besides what they were teaching? How would you describe the twists and turns of your learning “curves” in acquiring those skills and subject matters?