The University of Iowa

Finishing Your Novel

Weeklong June 14 to June 19 2020

This class is for novelists, whatever the genre—realist, comedic, fantasy, historical, crime, or speculative—who have a substantial draft of a book and the desire to make it better.


In both the seminar and workshop segments of the class, we’ll focus on the possibilities and challenges of your work. We’ll interrogate aspects of technique: point of view, story structure, characterization, setting, and dialogue. The class will include short exercises as well as in-depth workshops of novels-in-progress. I will ask you to send me your novel excerpt in advance of our session so I can spend time with it before we meet.


You’ll leave with the tools to revise again, and to polish your final draft.


In this workshop, we will generate new writing through exercises and assignments; critique writing you bring from home.