University of Iowa

A Hedonistic Week of Creative Indulgence (For Your Muse)

Weeklong June 23 to June 28 2019

You’ve finally carved out some time in your life to write. You have a bunch of great ideas, maybe even a new desk. But when you sit down to write, your muse refuses to speak. Or the muse gets you started, and then disappears completely, leaving you high and dry. Should you give up? Move on to a different project? Are you just not talented enough? Is there a secret that successful authors have to keep their muses on the job? This course is a fun, low-pressure mix of creative exercises, mini-lectures, and discussion, all aimed at helping you become your most creative self. We will study the habits of great authors. We will explore the rare occurrence of feeling “in the zone,” when words magically seem to flow, then we’ll experiment with ways to get you in the zone more often. Topics will include writer’s block, starting new work, and how to continue, even when your muse is on hiatus. Each day there will be new (and sometimes unusual!) prompts, designed to wake up your muse. You will have the opportunity to share new writing with your classmates. At the end the week you’ll have a notebook full of strategies and the beginnings of many new stories and essays. We’ll have fun. Your muse will too. This class has been successful for beginners as well as for advanced writers with M.F.A.s and novels-in-progress.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.        


All Genres
Short Story
Young Adult