University of Iowa

Inventing Memory: A Workshop on Imagery

Weeklong June 23 to June 28 2019

This generative workshop is for poets and writers who wish to create vivid, poignant, emotionally memorable imagery. The week will cover a wealth of material: poetry and storytelling since forever have been exploring new ways to be the opposite of boring, and we’ll be poring over examples from the ancient to the modern, across all genres, to find inspiration and technical guidance. The challenge then as now is to take what is immediate to us—either from personal experience or inspiration—and make it immediate to the reader; so there will be daily exercises and free writing to practice a variety of techniques. By the end of the week, transforming your most vivid memories and imaginings into words will come more naturally; your work will have new light and space, and your imagery will be sharper and more moving. Best of all, you will have many new pages to serve as the seeds for future projects.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.        

Hybrid Forms
Short Story