University of Iowa

Short Forms in Flight: A Multi-Genre Generative Weekend

Weekend July 27 to July 28 2019

Are you a writer who writes in brief moments of inspiration? These might manifest in poems, prose poems, blog posts, memoir, biography, or short lyric or personal essays. Perhaps you pen or tap out concoctions that integrate elements of all of those that you don’t know how to define, but you know they’re short. Or you’re a beginning writer who is interested in learning how innovative use of form can concentrate meaning and impact in any writing, how to use white space, and how to say more in fewer words. Come join us for a weekend workshop of inspiration, conversation, and collaboration.


This workshop will be energetic, supportive, and generative. Writers from all genres and of all levels of experience who are interested in the creative spaces that lie in between; in breaking down, evading, or recasting genre classification; or just in writing short pieces because time and they are short are encouraged to join us. We will read a wide range of voices and short forms, and we will discuss foundational elements of craft with a focus on shape, sound, diction, cadence, and image. We will then try our hands at integrating the elements we’ve discussed, and we will discuss those writings in workshop.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts; provide feedback on writing you bring from home or produce in our weekend.


Hybrid Forms
Short Story