University of Iowa

The Short-Short Nonfiction Triptych

Weekend June 15 to June 16 2019

This class is for anyone passionate about the short form who wants to create—in one weekend—a suite of three related pieces 300 words or less. We will read the new New York Times “Tiny Modern Love” pieces, Beth Ann Fennelly’s micros from Heating and Cooling, and other short-shorts from Brevity Magazine and Hippocampus. We will also study triptychs in visual art—Renaissance altar pieces, Sas Colby’s assemblages, Rothko’s horizontal bands, Bacon’s sets of figures—and learn how single pieces can correspond to others metaphorically, thematically, or narratively. Poets are welcome, as is anyone—novice or experienced writer—who wishes to experiment with the highly-charged language of short-short nonfiction.


In this workshop we will generate new writing through guided exercises and prompts.